Xiamen got “Asia Pacific Green Port of 2018”

The reporter learned from Xiamen Port Holdings Group and Xiamen Container Terminal Group yesterday that Xiamen Hairun Container Terminal won the title of “Asia Pacific Green Port of 2018”. The title was awarded, indicating that the green development level of Xiamen Port’s container business has ranked first in Asia.

From November 15th to 16th, the Port Interconnection Forum hosted by the Asia-Pacific Port Service Organization was held in Singapore. The award ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Green Port Awards Program was held in the same period of 2018. Xiamen Hairun Container Terminal won the title of “Asia-Pacific Green Port in 2018”.

When you walk into Xiamen Hairun Container Terminal, you can learn the reason for winning the title. At the forefront of the terminal, the power provided by the ship’s shore power system can enable the container ship berthing here to shut down the fuel generator and realize the port in Hong Kong. Zero emissions”; in the dock yard, the gantry cranes, which used to be called “oil tigers”, have now become electric drives; at the top of the dock office building, large-area photovoltaic power systems continue to supply power to the building’s air conditioners; The gate has been fully intelligent, the efficiency is significantly improved, and it does not consume a piece of paper…

Not only that, all electric patrol cars and electric forklifts, LED lighting, sewage treatment stations, air monitoring stations have been put into use, and greening in the port area is also increasing. Under the unremitting efforts, in January this year, Xiamen escort Hairun Container Terminal successfully passed the dual system certification of environment and energy management system, marking the systemization and institutionalization of the terminal in environmental and energy management.

The reporter learned that last year, Xiamen Port Container Intelligent Logistics Platform won the “First Prize of China Port Science and Technology Progress”. This year, the “2018 Asia Pacific Green Port” title has further reflected that Xiamen Port Holdings Group has actively implemented green development for many years. Determination and effectiveness. “The port must not only contribute to the urban economy, but also to the ‘green’ to benefit, drive the energy-saving emission reduction and transformation and upgrading of the entire industrial chain, take the road of high-quality development, and contribute to the construction of a high-quality, high-value, modern international city. Power.” The relevant person in charge of Xiamen Port Holdings Group said.

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Xiamen Port Holding Group will deepen the construction of “green wisdom” port, improve quality and efficiency, reduce costs and reduce emissions, further deepen energy management and reduce energy consumption; achieve “zero discharge of sewage and oil pollution” Landing, garbage classification, to create a beautiful environment of the dock; improve the level of intelligence, to achieve intelligent gates, intelligent operation, shore transfer intelligence, ship loading and unloading remote, yard operation automation.


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